Cranberry Village

A resident-owned community

Welcome Home!

Cranberry Village is a resident-owned manufactured home community in Carver, Mass. We are a terrific neighborhood for people 55 and over, who like a suburban setting with an easy drive to Boston. We offer a host of community activities. Cranberry Village is a friendly neighborhood for people who love outdoor activities with access to city life.

Carver Old Home Day is an annual celebration that celebrates the community and its history. Named for John Carver, the first Governor of the Plymouth Colony, Carver was known for its iron ore. Found in its swamps, it was used to make cooking tools in the mid 18th Century. When the demand for iron ore declined in the late 19th Century, Carver began cranberry farming in its swamps. By 1900, Carver farmers produced one-fifth of all of the cranberries grown in the United States. Carver is an area rich in history.

Cranberry Village is owned by the Community Members who live here – we are a resident-owned community (ROC).

Cranberry Village

is owned by the cooperative
Members who
live here.

That means

we control
the rent & make
the rules

We own it

The Member homeowners of Cranberry Village control the rent and make the rules. On June 22, 2012, the ROC purchased the land and infrastructure, such as the roads and water lines. Now, a democratically elected Board of Directors manages the business of running Cranberry Village. Every Member household in the community has a say in who sits on the Board, how we spend our money, the annual budget, and whether we make changes to the rent.

We’re also part of a national network of more than 300 ROCs just like us. That membership provides us with access to expert coaching on how to run our ROC, leadership development and training, communication with dozens of community leaders who face many of the same issues we do, and more. Life in Cranberry Village is truly different than in a commercially owned community – we invite you to find out firsthand how that difference makes living here so much better.

The Benefits of Membership


the homeowners own the land underneath our neighborhood as a resident-owned community (ROC).


vote on the budget and
set the site fees.
There is no profit
margin in your


rules and park


are secure – there’s no commercial owner
who can decide
to close the

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Potential residents must be approved by our Membership Committee and Board before they move in.